“One of our focus areas over coming weeks is the need for operator and maintainer synchronisation in planning as well as the development of a Capability Realisation Plan to engage the likes of CASG, JLC, CIOG, and Army HQ agencies to achieve structural reforms,” BRIG McGahey said.

CENTAUR is aligning its projects and activities around three Lines of Operation (LOO): enhanced decision making, reducing the cost of ownership, and modernising the maintenance system. Each project for the remainder of the current stage, and into the next financial year (subject to approval), will be strongly linked to the LOOs. The program’s current focus areas include:

  • Implementing the first phase of a new maintenance enabled Vulcan dashboard that integrates ACMS and MILIS data to enable decision making at all organisational levels;
  • Determining options for Army to reduce the cost of ownership of major platforms; and
  • Training/mentoring commanders, operations staff and maintenance personnel to drive improvements in equipment forecasting and maintenance planning

Following the completion of a Mid-Point Review and executive consideration of the Capability Realisation Plan, the program will strive to ensure the long-term benefits it is driving are realised.
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