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RAEME Polo Shirt Size - Mens 2XL

With shipment Parcel Post up to 500g for $ 9.20
Sales price $ 35.00
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RAEME Polo Shirts.

Each shirt features:

What you get:

RAEME Polo Shirt Mens Size 2XL (Plus Postage). Sizing is generous, when selecting your size, please check using the size guide below. 

RAQ Members don't forget to login to get your member discount and "Click & Collect" postage option. Postage costs and options for other items added to the cart are available at checkout.

RAEME Logo = Shirts come standard with full RAEME logo (pictured below) 

RAEME logo

Half Chest  / Bust. A Half Chest measurement lets you know thewidth of the garment when it is lying flat.Measure an existing garment you have (lying flat) from the seam under one arm to the seam under the other arm to compare and find a suitablesize.

 size guide