ANZAC Day Function Brisbane 2019

From 25.04.2019 11:00 until 25.04.2019 17:00
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Friday's Eagle Street Pier will host our function this year. It is open to all and this year the price of one ticket includes entry + buffet lunch + 1 x drink vouchers along with other low cost beverages throughout the day. The cost of the tickets as follows per person (PP):


  Ticket Type (Per Person)

Save with the Early Bird Offer up to COB 5 April 2019

Discount Offer from 6-19 April 2019

Pre-sale Deadline extended to 1800hrs 24 April

At the Door ANZAC Day Sales (unless sold out prior)

  • Financial RAQ Member, or
  • Serving Soldier, or
  • Guest of Member/Soldier (up to one guest at Mbr price)
$22.50* each pp

$30.00* each pp

$40.00 each pp
Non-Members, Email Affiliates & extra guests $30.00 each pp $35.00 each pp $40.00 each pp

*Price Per Person - RAQ Function subsidy applies, up to one guest ticket can also be purchased for the same price per person. Extra tickets can also be puchased at full price

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Exchanging Tickets for Vouchers

If you have Pre-Purchased tickets, the best option is to print out your E-ticket and bring it along on the day. It will be exchanged for Entry + one Meal and Drink voucher. We will have committee members at the FUP to exchange tickets for vouchers and again at the door at Friday's. As each ticket has a unique number, once surrendered cannot be reused. Please treat your vouchers and tickets like cash, as if they are lost they cannot be replaced. If you cannot print your ticket or forget to bring it, don't worry, we will have attendee lists available to check, however this may delay entry to the venue.


Friday's will be open from around 1100 hrs. Drinks will be available for purchase using either a drink voucher or purchased across the bar. The Buffet Meal will be served from approx 1230-1400 hrs. Feel free to gather and sit where you are comfortable. However, their will be several tables reserved for some of our older members.

Important note: Payment must accompany all Pre-purchased tickets. This is a private function and for those attending prior to 1300hrs must purchase a ticket. Tickets Sales are limited and once sold out entry will be restricted to ticket holders only until 1300hrs. ANZAC Day Hotel licence requirements for serving Liquor may only be sold or supplied in conjunction with a meal and must be eaten on the premises.

To pre-purchase tickets:

If you are interested in becoming a member to save on the purchase price of tickets at member prices see how to join RAQ below

1. Click on the Register or Book Button Above

2. Select the number of tickets

3. Select the type of ticket (For Members/Serving Soldiers Select that ticket type) Click "Add Ticket"

4. For the purchase of other types of tickets in the same transaction, click the drop down box and select the required ticket type, Click "Add Ticket"

5. Select Paypal Payment type - (Please note: You don't need to be registered with Paypal to pay via Credit or Debit Card)

6. Click Continue

Wait until you are directed to the Paypal Payment Page. This can take up to 30 seconds

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with your E-ticket attached. If you make a mistake simply cancel and start again, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Note: As we have to pay for catering regardless of your attendance, once purchased and paid for we unfortuantley can't refund if you don't attend

Joining RAQ

If you are not a financial member you can save by joining the RAQ. Go to the membership tab above and sign up today, $10 annual or $100 life subscription.You can save a minimum of $20 a year by attending just two functions plus you get all the other online discounts, badge etc.


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