The Corps of RAEME at any one time has a number of soldiers who are serving on operations and other areas on overseas deployment. The RAEME Associations, with your assistance, send "Spanner Packs" (not tools) to our Corps Soldiers on operations. These packs contain items not supplied by Defence or locally available, which will assist our soldiers to live more comfortably and enjoy some of those favourite things they miss from home. To date July 2019, 4576 (approx 9140 Kg) Spanner Pack have been dispatched to RAEME members on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Solomon’s and Timor including embedded RAEME members.

We have surveyed many of our recent returned soldiers and those about to leave for overseas and we are in the process of putting together lists of favourite items most preferred by the soldiers. Some of these favourite items are food (Vegemite, biscuits and lollies), magazines, packs of cards, hygiene items, games etc. This project is not state, trade or Unit specific and it is hoped that every soldier will receive at least one pack on each rotation deployment/posting overseas.

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You can assist us by individual financial donation, becoming a commercial sponsor with appropriate product and/or dollars, putting us in touch with other possible sponsors, that you know would be willing to assist us in this very important Corps project, and all of the above. We are very open to suggestions and assistance. We are sure that all of our members and contacts will be very willing to assist in some positive way. We are also sure that all returned soldiers will know the importance of this project “Operation Spanner Pack”, and will support this worthy project. 

More information can be obtained from the RAEME Association Queensland Chairman of the Spanner Pack Sub Committee via contact us page. The more we receive the more our soldiers will benefit. We have no end date for this project. However, when that day comes, any funds not expended will be held by the RAEME National Network (RNN) and used for the benefit of all members of the RAEME Associations Nationally.

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Spanner Pack 2019    TGT VIII WKSP Copy

 Donations can be sent as follows:


Cheque/Money order to:
The RAQ Treasurer
RAEME Association Queensland inc.
PO Box 41
Hamilton Qld 4007

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Banking Details - Defence Bank

BSB: 833205

Account Number: 20682037

Account Name: RAEME Association Queensland.

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RAQ is proud to support and administer this National Program on behalf of all Associations.