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The Corps of RAEME at any one time has a number of soldiers who are serving on operations and other areas on overseas deployment. The RAEME Associations, with your assistance, send "Spanner Packs" (not tools) to our Corps Soldiers on operations.  These packs contain items not supplied by Defence or locally available, which will assist our soldiers to live more comfortably and enjoy some of those favourite things they miss from home. To date over four thousand packs have been provided to soldiers on deployment. To learn more about Oparation Spanner Pack Click Here.

You can assist the RAEME National Operation Spanner Pack program by a financial donation. The more we receive the more our soldiers will benefit. A $25.00 Donation will provide around one pack to a Soldier on deployment. By donating in multiples will provide more packs, for example:

 Donation Amount  Packs
 $25  1
 $50  2
 $100  4
 $150  6
 $250  10
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100% of all proceeds go towards supporting Spanner Pack.

To ensure we get the most from each donation, the following is a guide to the transaction fees which apply:

  • EFT Transactions there are no RAQ Fees
  • Paypal transactions there is a fee on top, which is displayed at checkout. (To avoid any fees, EFT is the best option)

RAQ is proud to support and administer this National Program on behalf of all Associations. Please note RAQ does not hold charity status